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Bail Hearing Allows Release of Attempted Murder Suspect

Last week, a judge ruled that the bail arrangements were adequate, allowing an attempted murder suspect to be released on $500,000 bail.

Voters to Decide

It is now up to New Jersey voters to weigh in on their bail bond reform. There is a measure on the ballot to eliminate the right to bail.

Bail Bondsmen Charged with Assault

A bail bondsman from Temecula and one of his employees are facing assault charges. They are accused of acting as though they were police officers and misrepresenting themselves.

Follow Up on Bondsman's Arrest

There has been some follow up to a recent arrest in Bucks County. The ACE Bail Bonds offices are being searched after the arrest of one of their bonds men.

Judge Declares Conflict of Interest

A judge has ruled that Melissa Harrell, recently elected Circuit Court Clerk, must close her family bail bond business in order to be compliant with the state law.

Bond Company Appeals Decision

Valley Bail Bonds is appealing a judge’s decision that dismissed its lawsuit filed against Park County.

Counterfeit Bond

In Berks County Pennsylvania, an investigation is taking place after a bail bondsman is said to have tried to pass off a counterfeit bond in Bucks County.

Moratorium is Put in Place

The proposed bail bond business ban has now come to be in Indio. City leaders in Indio approved the moratorium banning new bail bond companies from opening near the jail or near the courthouse.

More Expansion for Sly Bail Bonds

Sly Bail Bonds has added two new employees to their Cleveland office. The new employees, Vicki Carr and Latisha Clark, are set to work with clients in the Cuyahoga courts and in the nearby counties.

Know What a Bond Contract Contains

Officials in Santa Clarita are concerned with making sure that their clients understand what they’re agreeing to when they sign a bail bond.

City Considers Moratorium on Bail Bond Companies

With the expansion of a county jail in the downtown area of Indio, there is a newfound interest from bail bond companies to find locations where they can settle near to the jail.

Verdict in on Charges Against Bondsman

The verdict is in on the charges against a Wake County bail bondsman who was accused of changing records to save bondsmen money.

Bond Fees Important to Clerk's Office

Carla Woodall, Houston County Alabama Circuit Clerk, says the clerk’s office relies on the collection of bail bond fees.

Cash Only Bail Set

When Ricky McGee, Jr. was charged with trafficking crack cocaine and failure to appear on charges of breaking and entering the typical court dates were determined and he was ordered to appear for a preconference as is the standard. This is where the routine steps ended.

Clerk's Office in Trouble

As early as next week, people seeking bail bonds for Orleans Parish Prison will have to wait until regular business hours for service.

Sly Bail Bonds Expanding

Sly Bail Bonds is expanding. They announced that they have added Shalaunda Reese to their team. Her function is to work as an agent and help expand their regional offices. They are specifically opening a new office in Ravenna, Ohio.

Did Bounty Hunters Go Too Far?

A woman in Nampa filed a complaint against a bail bonds company claiming that the bounty hunters who tracked down her brother used excessive force.

Bail Bondsman - an Interesting Job

Clark County, Washington’s newspaper features local residents with interesting jobs. Recently they featured locksmith, Jeremy Hubbard of A-Affordable Bail Bonds.

Lehigh County Bail Bond Changes

Yet another law suit has been filed regarding the bail bond industry. This time the suit was filed by a group of bail bondsmen from Allentown. There are changes scheduled to go into effect in their county and they are fighting those changes.

Cookie Bandit Can't Make Bail

Lucky Crowder of Albuquerque, New Mexico is languishing in jail since he cannot make the $5 bail required for his release.

New Jersery Bail Reform

New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie recently signed legislation that will offer alternatives to the current bail system for non-violent offenders.

Bell County's Bond Debate

Bell County’s decision to accept personal recognizance bonds is greatly impacting the bail bonds business.

911 Bail Bonds Gives Back

911 Bail Bonds is the largest bond agency in the city of Las Vegas. They have close ties with the community there.

Case Against Bondsman Goes to Court

A case against a bail bondsman from Modesto is under way. The case claims that the bondsman was attempting to extort money from clients as well as defrauding the county.

Bail Bonds Company Offers Mobile Service

Posting bail is never convenient. Those who don’t have the ability to get to the police station to do the paperwork find it to be even more of a struggle.

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