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Bail Applicant References: What Every Bail Agent Should Know

If you are wondering where to begin, consider the name of the defendant. This means several things; the full name and any and all nicknames/ aliases used by a felon. As a general rule of thumb, if an applicant provides you with a nickname and/or alias, use that name whenever...

Bail Agents And Toxic Zoning Laws

Zoning laws can be a silent hindrance of legitimate commerce and although the process to change them can be tedious and long, it can be done with the right approach and determination.

Some SEO Strategies For Bail Bondsmen

One way to stay ahead of the SEO game is to learn all you can about it. Everything has a right way and a wrong way and it can be very costly if when it comes to SEO you do not learn the difference.

Bail Bondsman Sues For The Sake of Standardized Bail Rules

Woody Fox of Woody Fox Bail Bonds filed the suit with the Ohio Supreme Court on March 4th contesting that the state constitution is being violated by the current laws which permit the rejection of surety bonds for certain types of bail.

The US Bail System: Reform or Replace?

If a judge sets bail for a minor offense, a bail bondsman will not be likely to post a low cost bond because his share, which is usually between 10-15%, will be too small to warrant his time and effort

California Arrest Procedures: Booking, Processing and Setting Bail

Booking can be accomplished in as little time as an hour and as much as ten or twelve hours. Arrests over the weekend, nighttime, mealtime and during shift changes can mean longer booking periods.

Educating The Public About the Bail Industry

Joel believes that most people know very little about the mechanics of the industry and that many who claim they do are more influenced by reality television and the media than the truth.

Arizona Bondsman Demands Tougher Standards for Recovery Agents

Although bail recovery agents can no longer blast their way into homes without permission, their job training is still sub-standard according to John Burns, president of the Arizona Bail Bondsmen Association.

Bail Bonds and Drunken Driving Charges in Southern California

What should you know about DUI charges and bail bonds? In the past, an officer would stop someone who had been drinking and driving and send them along with a warning to go home and not pass go or collect $200.

Tabloids of Felons: The Value of Online Mugshot Galleries

Some claim that these online galleries help keep communities safer while others scream that public shaming may have its place within our justice system but it cannot be at the cost of a fair trial.

Freedom and Bail Bonds: The Loss of County Funds Due To Pre-Trial Services

The public cost of a single “failure to appear” is approximately $1,775. By using commercial bail bonds, the county saved over $7.6 million among felony defendants and $3.5 million among misdemeanor defendants. The largest disparity in costs fell between commercial bail bonds...

The Bail Bondsman And Personal Privacy

Mug shots can be embarrassing and both getting arrested and/or released from jail via bail bonds used to be an entirely private matter known only to family members and close friends. Technological advances have made the techniques utilized by the paparazzi seem mild in comparison...

The Difference Between Bail And Bail Bonds

When the entire cost of bail cannot be posted (or if the defendant doesn’t wish to post the full amount), bail bondsmen can issue a bond on behalf of the accused. The bail bond is never the entire amount and it promises that if the defendant dos not appear as scheduled, the bail...

How Are Bail Bond Amounts Established?

Special conditions and requirements can also be tagged onto bonds such as in the case of domestic violence charges and an order to forbid contact with the victim of a ”domestic incident” as a pre-requisite for bail. For bonds that total $5,000 or less, 10% is added automatically...

Can Bail Bondsmen Prevent Clients From Jumping Bail?

Reducing the risk of missed court appearances may not be as dependent on the whims of a felon as you might think. A pro-active approach can do much to reduce liability and the following tips should be placed somewhere neatly under your bail bondsman cap.

The American Bar Association’s View on The Bail Bond Industry

The system works like a finely tuned timepiece when defendants appear in court; defense attorneys defend their clients, prosecutors hold defendants accountable for their actions and victims get a fair shot at justice.

Some Ways To Improve The Bail Bond Business

Understanding all changes in the bail laws as they pertain to your particular state is a very important aspect of effective business management. An agent cannot claim ignorance of the law, and failure to abide by rules can be costly both in terms of cash fines and the maintenance...

The Concept of Bail: Wherever Did it Come From?

A defendant was sometimes released if the local sheriff could trust that the accused would keep his word and return for the hearing, but more often custody was transferred rather than relinquished to a surety (relative or friend) who vouched for the defendant’s appearance when...

Will California Reduce Drug Penalties To Cut Prison Costs?

San Francisco senator, Mark Leno, is the man behind the idea of reducing the penalty for simple drug possession from a felony to a misdemeanor as a solution to prison over crowding. He has gone so far as to initiate a bill, which has been the subject of a heated debate.

New Orleans Agent Defends Bail Bond Industry

He learned that bail agents are not even vaguely similar to media depictions. They are involved in their communities and do their best to ensure that that defendants released on pre-trial appear in court. By enforcing this aspect, bail agents are giving the justice system its...

Oregon: A Safe Hideaway For Petty Criminals?

There are only four states in America whose laws forbid private commercial bounty hunters from capturing criminals. This situation has created a safe place to fall for fugitives and a warrant problem that is out of control. By any standard of comparison with the other forty-six...

The Bail Bond Industry and Dealing With The Element of The Unknown

Every time a bail bond is granted, it is a gamble for the bond company, because no one ever really knows for sure if the client will appear in court. Agencies usually require 10% of the total cost of the bond upfront and also collateral, such as a lien on a residence, for the...

Pre-trial Release and Judicial Abuse of Bail: Is It A Pervasive Problem?

The problem does not lie in the judicial orders themselves but rather in the legal questions they raise concerning the abuse of bail as indicated by the constitution and other pre-release options for the purposes of punishment and/or rehabilitation.

Maryland Report Suggests Bail System Reforms

It is an interesting fact that most people incarcerated in Baltimore jails are not even offered bail. This same report stipulates that 57% of prisoners in the Baltimore City Jail are there solely because they weren’t offered any options concerning bail or release. Of those who...

Experienced Mississippi Bail Bondsmen Dispute “Dog’s” Tracking Tactics

For the Wilson's, a Jackson couple who admitted knowing the felon, their life became a hell of harassment and the bondsmen seeking information from them were “rude, obscene and aggressive.” They were so affronted by their behavior that they went so far as to post a “no trespassing”...

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