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Loopholes Within Bail Bond System Concerning Preferential Treatment

At least in Texas, the law stipulates that after a period of 270 days the bail agent must pay the full amount on felony bonds. According to Long, this law permits (or at least doesn’t forbid) some attorneys from obtaining passes that are not permitted under the schedule. If this...

Judges Concur That Bail Is Most Effective Pretrial Release

The results of the study held up a mirror to the misunderstood reality of the bail industry and attempted to dispel some current distortions and stereotypes surrounding this obscure but very significant industry.

The Bail Bond Industry Battles The Issue of Public Safety

While the concept of bail bonding dates back to the days of early America and our founding fathers, its roots lay in the civil codes of medieval England when local sheriffs released defendants from jail on their promise to return for trial.

Should Money Bail Be Eliminated?

The Justice Policy Institute (JPI), a national non-profit law and justice advocacy and research organization, is calling for all states to end for-profit bail bonds practices.

Bail Bond Agents Becoming True Victim Advocates

The Expert Bail Network has opened up an avenue for communication between bail agents, victims and consumers by updating its website so that consumers now have the ability to access the NCVC via their Assistance Directory.

Recovery Imminent For Bail Bond Services

The report estimates that over the course of the next five years consumers will be forced to save less as credit card interest rates will rise which will boost the demand for bail agents.

Skipping Bail in Hawaii Can Pose A Risk to Families

According to Hawaii’s Revised Statutes, bail can be denied to any defendant if a judge deems an unacceptable level of risk that the defendant will engage in illegal activity, flee or present a danger either to the public or to themselves.

Defendants and Bail Bondsmen: Information and Expectations

Trust is not a commodity that can be bought or rushed; it must develop over time, like fine wine, nurtured by honest exchanges between both parties. This is first tested when information is garnered concerning a defendant’s references.

Do Bail Bondsmen Need Bail Associations?

The more bondsmen know, the more power they have because knowledge fosters awareness. In the same manner as a domino effect, successful strategies are tried in one place and then spread, like a benevolent virus, to others.

Smart Phone Apps: Will They Change The Bail Process?

Tech-savvy protesters use smartphone apps that send alerts to their loved ones and friends advising them of an eminent arrest. This in turn affects how quickly people adjust to this unpleasant new situation and doing what they need to do next; namely, securing bail.

Bail Bonds and The Morning Show on Michigan’s WJIM 1240 AM

Granted, when one thinks of bail bonds, victim advocacy might not come to mind, but nevertheless it should be considered. Getting a defendant to show up in court is not always easy, and it is the first step along a rocky path at the end of which lies a chance for justice and...

Bail Fund Comes To The Aid of Poor Defendants

Brooklyn Defender Services provides legal aid to those who cannot afford to retain a lawyer. Josh Saunders, the company’s staff attorney has stated publicly that the fund is expected to serve hundreds of defendants every year.

Miami Bail Bonds Agency Launches New Website That Warns Against Scams

There is no one better qualified to provide all the necessary information needed to process a bail bond in Miami or Broward safely, properly, efficiently and effectively. They are available 24/7 to answer all questions and to help all in need of bail bond assistance by providing...

What You Need To Know About Los Angeles Bonds

Bail bonds cannot be negotiated, as the fee is determined by the state legislature. It is not known why this myth persists, as legitimate sources state up front that fees are not negotiable.

Beware of California Bail Bond Coupons

The set price of the bonds is a guarantee that no bail agent can ever take advantage of an individual’s desperation. The bonds are meant to be affordable for the average person and they are supposed to help prevent overcrowding in jails

What is The Best Way To Select An Attorney?

As is the case with most things in life, it is a matter of money. If the defendant has no funds, a public defender will be provided by the state, although it is true, as the old saying goes, that one gets what one pays for. It should be said, however, that very often former...

Marketing a Bail Bonds Business

Service businesses need specialized marketing because no matter what service is being offered, they are usually considered as items that can be bought and sold for a negotiated price. The bail bond industry is at a disadvantage in this regard, as bond prices by law cannot fluctuate...

Some Important Tips About Bail Bondsmen

It may not seem so at the time, but it is important to bear in mind that there is always a bigger picture to consider than just obtaining the release of a loved one. Bail agencies and the insurance carriers they utilize are heavily regulated by the state in which they operate,...

Should You List Your Bail Bond Agency in Multiple Directories?

The best way to attract local customers is by submitting to multiple (vertical) directories. and are two examples of vertical directories servicing the bail bond industry. There are three reasons why use of these directories will benefit your company.

What is Bail?

A quick definition of bail: the bail system was designed to allow courts to release people who have been arrested, while they await trial. Learn more about the bail system and how bail works.

Finding 24 Hour Bail Bonds

Like an illness or an accident, an arrest is never timely. This is why many bail bondsmen offer their services 24-hours a day. 24 hour bondsmen are easy to find, ask the court for a bail bondsmen information, or look online or in your local phone book.

Finding Affordable Bail Bonds

The amount that a bail bondsman can charge is set by the state insurance department, and is usually 10% of the amount set for bail. Since all bail bondsman are charging the same price, the only way for them to set themselves and their businesses apart from the rest is through...

Does Your Bail Bondsman Need a License?

Not all, but many jurisdictions require their bondsmen to have a state bail bonds license. This is due to the amount of legal information and procedures that bondsmen typically need to be well versed in in order to properly serve their clients. The easiest way to determine whether...

What is a Bail Bondsman?

When a defendant cannot afford to pay the full bail amount, they turn to a bail bondsman, who puts up the bail money in exchange for a nonrefundable fee equal to 10% of the bail price.

Bail Agencies and The Community: A Vital Connection For Success

The community and its social and legislative influences have been a combined force to reckon with dating back to the days of the Roman forum. There is an old saying about nothing being more powerful than an idea whose time has come, and this also holds true for a crowd willing...

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