Bail Applicant References: What Every Bail Agent Should Know

Every bail agent needs to establish a baseline when it comes to knowing the true identity and background of any defendant. Collecting and analyzing data that support a felon’s claims is very important because through the investigative process such information reveals honesty or deception. The more relevant and precise the information accumulated, the better.

If you are wondering where to begin, consider the name of the defendant. This means several things; the full name and any and all nicknames/ aliases used by a felon. As a general rule of thumb, if an applicant provides you with a nickname and/or alias, use that name whenever you speak to them. Also conduct your research using that moniker as it may aid your investigation.

You must get the defendant’s accurate date of birth because it can be a clincher in a situation where there are two defendants having the same last name. (This happens more frequently than you might expect.)

When dealing with personal references supplied by the defendant you must learn the applicant’s relationship to each and every one. Make note if it is the mother, father, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, ex-spouse, etc. Without this information, you might as well not have any names at all because hidden agendas (either pro or con) remain exactly as such.


Complete addresses are also vitally important to ascertain while working on a bail bond. This includes security access codes to gated communities. It goes without saying that all telephone numbers with area codes must be available to you.  They are doubly significant because any computer database can retrieve a name and address from landlines, should that be necessary. Running cell phones and VOIP phones are a little harder. Get these numbers upfront.

Email addresses can also be very helpful because investigators can quickly and easily obtain information about an individual’s social networking accounts simply by running their email through search engines.

In conclusion, remember that information gathered is only as good as its source and all of it must be analyzed before you can add it to your personal arsenal of investigative tools. Bail bond companies might consider training their employees in specific ways to garner needed information, analyze it and learn how to decipher truth from deception.

Posted by M Dee Dubroff, on March 29, 2013 at 9:00 AM