New Orleans Agent Defends Bail Bond Industry

In a recent investigative report, Expert Bail Agent, Matt Dennis showcased a day in his life to Fox News by taking a reporter, Rob Masson, with him to work, so to speak. For the reporter who expected a “reality television” sort of experience, he learned more than he ever expected. The dichotomy between the stereotyped depiction of fugitive recovery agents and their connection to society was an eye opener for him.

He learned that bail agents are not even vaguely similar to media depictions. They are involved in their communities and do their best to ensure that that defendants released on pre-trial appear in court. By enforcing this aspect, bail agents are giving the justice system its best chance to work for the good of all.


The timing of this investigative report could not have been better for the New Orleans bail business. The Vera Institute has attacked the industry and has called for the elimination of bail from the criminal justice system. It promotes the replacement of commercial bail (people using their own money) with pre-trial release funds provided by taxpayers.  Matt Dennis is an influential citizen and council member who educates other council members on the importance of this industry in The Big Easy.

According to Dennis, the bail industry works because bail bondsmen work. When they need information on a defendant, they don’t just rely on that source or a court file. They gumshoe it as private detectives do, tracking down family members, co-workers and friends to gather the necessary information to track down a defendant and bring him or her to trial. 

It’s time to defend the bail industry and all the good they do.

And why should tax-payers pay for someone else’s felonious behavior?

Don’t we have enough to pay for as it is?

Kudos to you, Matt Dennis…and the bail industry too!

Posted by M Dee Dubroff, on November 26, 2012 at 9:00 AM