The American Bar Association’s View on The Bail Bond Industry

For many years, the commercial bail industry and the legal profession have been two sides of the same coin; namely, the criminal justice system. This is due to the fact that their collaboration permits the legal system to function as it should, bounded by the rules delineated in the US Constitution. 


The system works like a finely tuned timepiece when defendants appear in court; defense attorneys defend their clients, prosecutors hold defendants accountable for their actions and victims get a fair shot at justice.


In its Second Edition of The Law of Commercial Surety and Miscellaneous Bonds, the American Bar Association featured a chapter written by two experts on commercial bail bonds, Jerry Watson Chief Legal Officer of the AIA Family of Companies, which is the nation’s oldest and largest underwriter of commercial bail bonds in the country, and long time attorney, Jay Labe.  They were asked to focus their chapter on the issue of bail’s effectiveness within the justice system.

Jerry Watson has more than 43 years of practicing law within the bail industry under his belt and many in the field consider him to be the leading expert on the subject.  Jay Labe is also highly respected and very well known within the industry. He was thrilled to collaborate with Watson.

In the words of Jerry Watson:

“When we were approached by the ABA Commercial Surety and Miscellaneous Bonds Editorial Committee to write this important chapter in their resource guide, we were truly honored.”

Labe told the press:

“To get an opportunity to educate and inform the legal community on such an important topic as commercial bail was an important task we both undertook with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.”

Both experts agree that although commercial bail plays an invaluable role within the justice system, the challenge of its proponents down through the years to educate the public at large about how important it is has remained unchanged.


Watson firmly believes that this new chapter on commercial bail bonds will become the ultimate informational resource for the legal community to better understand the bail industry and its importance to the criminal justice system.

Is a major breakthrough on the horizon?

Only time will tell.

Posted by M Dee Dubroff, on December 5, 2012 at 9:00 AM