The Bail Bondsman And Personal Privacy

News as an industry and the concept of privacy are rarely an interaction that works well. News is instant, constant and in your face always. While this can be considered rude behavior, it is just as much of a faux pas to be late in reporting the news, if that is your business. Bail bondsmen need to be discrete when it comes to keeping their clients under the media radar even if they aren’t celebrities, which isn’t away an easy task.


Mug shots can be embarrassing and both getting arrested and/or released from jail via bail bonds used to be an entirely private matter known only to family members and close friends. Technological advances have made the techniques utilized by the paparazzi seem mild in comparison when it comes to today’s powers of intrusion and invasion of someone’s private space. Celebrities have always been forced to live with this as the flip side of fame, but now everyone is fair game, thanks to the Internet and circulating news stories that are both good and bad.


There are some things you can do to prevent public exposure and humiliation. For one thing, follow that old Chinese adage about keeping a secret by first keeping it yourself. Avoid informing your loved ones of your initial arrest at least until you are released from jail and can deal with the situation on a personal basis. The more the news spreads the more distorted it becomes and the easier it will be for someone to locate you and snap a photo of you leaving a jail and spreading your sense of shame.

Hire a qualified professional bail bondsman. A good indication is someone who has been in business and has served his or her particular community for a long time. Unfortunately, in some states it is easy to become a bail bondsman and lax lawmakers look the other way when it comes to background and character checks.


Make sure the bail company you choose guarantees confidentiality. A true professional won’t post the details of your arrest or photos of you on social media websites.

Jail is bad enough; public scrutiny only aggravates the situation. Make the best of it and move on. A good bail bond company can be the first step along the road to your new life.

Posted by M Dee Dubroff, on January 18, 2013 at 9:00 AM