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Affordable Bail Bonds Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(888) 932-2458


Last updated 3.30.2012

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Other Contact Info: affordablebails@aol.com

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Professional Associations: Founder NYPBA

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Police Rat

New York State Professional Bondsmen are independant small business owners that operate across all 62 New York Countys. The word Bail Bond is not copywritten as they are ubiquitous words and term describing an industry and a pretrial release method. Professional firms with integrity exist in New York. However some imposter competitor promoting Bailbond.com and Affordable Bail Bonds are seeking to divert viewers to their sites by linking to legitimate listings on Google, Yahoo and other search engines. And, some are posting false reviews. These companies claiming to be Affordable Bail Bonds and bailbond.com, are engaging in a deceptive business practices and smear campaigns against bail bond offices with high integrity and engage in true professional business practices. In former reviews entities claiming to be Bailbond.com boast that its affiliate in New York is Affordable Bail Bonds of New York. This is nothing to be proud of since Affordable Bail Bonds of New York has been seeking to get other insurance company sponsors in order to break away from a decent organization run by a very nice and professional owner of bailbond.com. If those representing themselves to be bailbond.com and or Affordable Bail Bonds of New York are engaging in smear campaigns and deceptive business practices what does that tell you about persons posting bogus reviews in an effort to garner business away from legitimate bail bond operatives in New York and other states. These Gestopo and Nazi tactics will not be tolerated in New York and chances are that neither party is responsible for the postings that are inflammatory, false and deceptive. Freedom should be affordable, but not at the expense of others. Man imposes and God desposes. God sees everything even the lying and the cheating that are done behind closed doors.

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