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My Bail Bonds
81 Baxter St,
New York, New York 10013
(347) 201-4528

About Us: • We promote and protect the standard that all Americans are innocent until proven guilty, as well as your constitutional right to be released on bail prior to trial.• We treat you with the highest standards of service, respect and professionalism in a non-judgmental manner.• We promote diversity and tolerance as an essential value in the way we do business.• We provide you with a clean, professional and pleasant environment where you are afforded courtesy, dignity and respect by our staff.• We contribute to our local communities through our service, charity and compassion.• We are ultimately dedicated to your satisfaction on all levels, all the time.


Last updated 9.4.2012


Other Contact Info: mybail81@hotmail.com

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Are you freakin kidding me. Spartan (on 81 Baxter Street) is the worst bail company you can go to. They take your money, bail the person out and two days later revoke the bail for something as stupid as getting a ticket for littering. I know this because it happened to a friend. I know other people who have been in the same situation. They post the bail for you and then two days later revoke it. They are known for doing this. On the same block that Spartan is located, there are several other Bail Bond Companies. If you love the person your posting bail for, dont go with Spartan. I guarantee you, you will regret it. Note: I think the comments posted before mine giving them a good rating are probably people they know. DON'T GET TAKEN.

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Marta Williamson

We came to the bail bond office on 81 Baxter Street in Manhattan during a very difficult time last year for my younger brother. My brother was out of control and was arrested for hanging with bad people and for drugs. While my brother was in jail he made promises to us in order to get him out, and we made the promises to the bail bondsman in order to get him out of jail. The bondsman and his staff got my brother out of jail fast and were professional. Highly reccomend!

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All we have to say is Thank you, thank you, thank you and God Bless George Spartan the bail bondsman. All the haters who post in the internet do so cause its obvious the person they bailed out of jail screwed up and the bondsman carted the criminal back to the clink.

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Its about time and finally a bail company with the cahones to do the right thing by the poor and working class like us. - Guest68459 - May-25-2010

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