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California Grant Allows Veterans To Serve as Police Officers

In the words of Vice President Biden: “Since we got into office, the president and I have been committed to helping our returning heroes find jobs and transition back into civilian life. A lot of them want to keep serving now that they’re back, and these grants help give them...

Defendants in Pre-Trial Program Pay Less For Jail Release

According to Director Michelle Brown, even at that price there are still those defendants that are so destitute they cannot pay, and for those, Tarrant Pretrial Services still considers payment plans. Other Texas agencies with pretrial release programs also offer payment plans.

Why Do Some Georgia Bail Bond Forfeitures Go Uncollected?

The amount of a bail bond is forfeited if the defendant fails to appear in court. According to Georgia law, the bond process begins as soon as the defendant is arrested. The sheriff comes into play, as it is his office that approves the bond agency setting up the bond.

Are Bail Bondsmen Sustainable?

Bail bondsmen are an integral part of the criminal justice system but they also conserve energy, a role that is often forgotten. You have to run around to post bail for a loved one; going to the bank and possibly away from home if an out-of-town relative is transferring funds....

La Vegas Bondsmen Concerned Over Shifting Inmate Population

The decision to close the facility was meant to save the city millions of dollars but it is North Vegas bail bondsmen who have been the most adversely affected. The city faced a hefty deficit of $33 million in its fiscal 2013 budget, which according to city manager, Timothy Hacker,...

5 High Profile Bail Bond Court Cases

When a high profile case hits the news, one of the things everyone tends to talk about is how much the bail will be. For severe cases, such as murder and rape, bail is usually set pretty high, and while your average, everyday person caught up in a horrible situation might have...

New Bail Bond Law For Low Income Offenders

In the past, organizations wishing to post bail on behalf of a defendant were subject to requirements established by the state. These rules were meant to act as safeguards against for-profit corporations involved on a full time basis in the bail bond industry.

A Difficult Equation: Less Bail Bonds Equals More Prisoners

A lack of funds is the primary reason loved ones remain to languish behind bars. California’s new “realignment law” is not without its impact on state bonding agencies. Cutting costs is resulting in sending more offenders to the county jail instead of to the state prison.

George Zimmerman’s Bail Set at $1M

Judge Lester told the press that he revoked the initial bail, which was set at $150,000, because the defendant and his wife had lied to the court about their financial assets. He decided on the rather high amount out of concern that Zimmerman might attempt to flee the country.

Illinois Courts Reconsider Bail Options

The new procedure dictates that if a defendant whose bail has been set at $10,000 or less has not posted the required 10 percent within 24 hours, he or she is then eligible to appear before a judge and request a motion to reconsider the bail amount.

New York Philanthropist Posts Madam’s $250K Bond

The 65-year-old philanthropist, who is a friend of Gristina’s sister, has put up her own Upper East Side home as collateral to help Gristina make bail. In an ironic twist of fate, her East 76th street home is just around the corner from the small East 78th street apartment from...

Judges Call For Tighter Bail Bond Regulations

It seems that complaints have been issued against some of the bonding companies that they compete for the same inmates making the bail process a-tug-of-war and an unproductive mess. The family of an inmate would secure the services of one company and then the inmate sometimes...

Spanish Flamenco Dancers Protest Bailed Out Bankers

Behind these protests is much more than a push for equality among classes even though that is a formidable goal. The deepening economic crisis has frustrated Spaniards who are feeling the budget cuts in services formerly slated for education and public health.

A Houston Bail Story Worth Repeating

This is the story of a bail bondsman and a hillbilly carouser from Tennessee named Sammy Ray. His last name as well as the name of the town where he lives must remain in shadow but more for fear of possible retribution than respect for innocence.

Kids and The Police: The Lighter Side of The Law

The truth is that both bail bondsmen and the police deal with those among us who have gotten into trouble. Even though many of them may be criminals in every sense of the word, many others are ordinary folk who have fallen victim to their own poor choices. This factor renders...

Bail Bondsman Erroneously Breaks The Law

Through the rear-view mirror, she followed the officer’s path as he made his way back to his patrol car. Time passed slowly and even when he was returning to the car, it seemed everything was happening in slow motion, like a poorly made Western movie.

Beyond Nerve: Fraud Defendant Pays For Bail With Counterfeit Check

Thomas Lewis Samuel, aged 54, pleaded guilty to a variety of fraud and grand theft charges. In the words of prosecutor, Keith Lyon: “He faces seven to ten years in state prison for conspiracy to commit identity theft, using counterfeit checks, grand theft and credit card violations.”

Alabama Bail Bond Companies Attempt To Block New Fees

The “filing fee” is imposed even in cases when those charged with a crime are later found innocent and this is one of the arguments for constitutional violation. Others concern a conflict of interest generated by these fees for prosecutors who determine how many charges to file...

Controversial Bill Limiting Pretrial Release Faces More Opposition

The sub committee did approve the bill along with the promise to impose changes on locally run pre-trial release programs in 32 North Carolina counties including among: Wake, Durham, Orange and Chatham.

Free Salinas Bail Hotline in The Works

Wallace is performing an admirable service, tapping into a nightmare that many people have never imagined they would have to deal with, which makes them vulnerable because they are at a loss as to what to do.

Bail Bond Pretrial Release Proposal Headed For North Carolina House

The controversial proposal known as Bill 756 concerns alterations in the pre-trial release procedures currently utilized in more than 30 North Carolina counties. A judiciary sub committee has already approved the passage of this bill.

Bail Company Donates $1,500 in Calling Cards On Father's Day

This news story will no doubt warm the cockles of the coldest heart. It concerns a kind gesture of support for the military on Father’s Day made possible by a California-based bail bonds company.

Should Bail Money Be Returned With a Wrongful Conviction?

Jackson's bond was set at $30 thousand, of which he had to pay 10% or $3,000 in order to get out of jail. His cousin had to remain in jail because he couldn’t make the necessary bond, and a month later all charges were dropped. Another teenager came forward and confessed to...

Kansas Bond Company Boasts Record $2.5M Bond

While county officials have not yet confirmed this fact, it is true that company owner, Cheryl Gillem, posted the $2.5 million for David Everett Stevens, aged 45, two months ago.

New York Madam: Requests Reduced Bail To Help Gravely Ill Son

Despite the fact that for over 15 years her wealthy clients paid up to $1,500 for her girls and their charms and that she amassed a fortune of $15 million in personal profit, Anna’s attorney, Norm Pattis, has argued that today the mother of four is truly destitute.

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