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Bondsman Comments on High Bail

PCS Bail Bonds of Fort Worth, Texas has released comments on a large bail set for a capital murder case.

Bail Hotline Growing Quickly

Bail Hotline is quickly growing. They have 32 locations in California with over 300 employees.

Bond Company Offers New Contact Method

When looking to purchase a bail bond, it is important to be able to contact the appropriate company. OK Bail Bonds in Houston, Texas is taking steps to make sure that their potential clients can easily contact them.

Bond Financing Available

EZ Bail Bonds has announced that they are offering financing options for their customers.

Bail Bond Legitimacy Under Review

A defendant, Oral “Nick” Hillary found his release delayed while the prosecution was given more time to evaluate the legitimacy of his bond.

Dog and Beth Visit Leo's Bail Bonds

The south-central area of Michigan is acting as the setting for an episode of “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt” again.

Local Girls Make Big Sale

Deborah Snow is selling the family business for a modest $25 million.

Mississippi Law Upheld

Mississippi sheriffs are still authorized to decide who can write bail bonds, based on the ruling by a federal appeals panel. The three judge panel upheld the ruling that was passed down last year.

Bail Bonds Companies See Increase Over Holidays

Over holiday weekends, there is typically a spike in alcohol related assault charges as well as DUIs. At times like this, the bail bond industry sees a spike in the need for their services.

Bondsmand Pleads Guilty of Fraud

A man from Opelousas could face up to 5 years in prison for concealing his bail bonds business while he was going through bankruptcy proceedings.

Tough Case for Bail Bonds Company

PCS Bail Bonds from Fort Worth, Texas is commenting on a case they were involved in. The controversial case involves a postal worker charged in the death of a dog.

Life as a Bond Agent

Ildi Timmons carries handcuffs with her when she’s on the job, but she’s not a police officer. She is the office manager of Aawsome Bail Bonds.

Bail Bond Agents Get Little Rest

Bail bondsmen and women who work in Blount County find that sleep is at a premium in their business. Owners and agents claim they are lucky to get an hour’s sleep on any given day. They are often on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Police Arrest Man Posing as Bond Agent

In Tennessee, the police have arrested a man who was impersonating a bail bondsman. Isaiah Hanks Conway has been charged with the crime.

Oregon a No Bond State

Oregon is often referred to as a safe place for criminals. This is because it is one of only four states that has no bail bond program. Bail bonds and bounty hunters are not permitted in Oregon.

Bail Bond Agent On Trial

A motion by the defense was denied. They moved to remove the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office from a case where a bail bonds owner has been accused of extortion.

Inmate Cons Her Way Out

A Pennsylvania woman is facing charges of forgery and identity theft after she tricked jail guards and a bail bondsman into believing she was someone else.

Bail Skipper Captured

David Flores, a fugitive for the past 8 months has been caught. He was released from prison last year via a plea deal after serving over 15 years for murder. Within the first 2 months after his release, he was arrested 3 times. The last time was for beating his girlfriend. He...

Bail Problems May Have Led to Murder

Problems with the New Jersey bail system may have contributed to the slaying of a Toms River native, reports suggest.

Bail Money Handling Studied

In Washington County, Controller Michael Namie is looking into why the Washington County jail has not been turning over bail bond money to the clerk in a timely manner.

Compassion and Service

Many people are caught unprepared when they find themselves in need of a bail bondsman. The initial impression is that they’ll need to visit some scary place on the wrong side of the tracks in order to obtain the services of a bail bondsman.

Bail Bondsman Writes Book

Notorious bail bondsman Ira Judelson shares lots of behind the scenes info in his book The Fixer. As New York’s most famous bail bondsman, he has worked with many high profile clients.

Bounty Hunter Ride Along

A Fox affiliate in Michigan took the opportunity to ride along with some local bounty hunters to see what their job is like. They work hard to bring in criminals who have defaulted on their bail.

Bond Company Sues County

Valley Bail Bonds, a Belgrade bail bonds company and its owners have filed a suit against Park County. They claim that a Justice Court judge acted illegally as a bail bondsman.

State Revokes Bond Agent's License

The insurance license of Ida Pearson Peppers of Freedom Bail Bond has been revoked. Gordon Ito, the Hawaiian Insurance Commissioner not only revoked the license, but also order Peppers to cease and desist doing business as a bail bondsman.

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