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New Website - Jammed Up

A well known New York City bail bondsman has created a new website. Ira Judelson is famous for being a bail bondsman to a number of celebrity clients. He has bailed out a variety of clients including from Giants player Plaxico Burress and the East Side Madam Anna Gristina.

Company Publishes Reviews

1800 Bail Bonds Services is a specialist in bail bonds. They have recently included a wide range of customer reviews on their website in hopes of instilling confidence in their current and future clients.

Can Bail Bonds Impact a Credit Score?

Spring brings graduations, spring break and lots of other activities. For some, celebrations can get out of control.

Judge Worried About New Bond Policy

The standard fee when a suspect is arrested is 10% of the bail amount paid to a bail bondman to obtain their release from jail. So if the bail was set at $10,000, the suspect would need $1,000 to obtain their release.

Bondsman Receives Cease and Desist Order

A bail bondsman in North Dakota has been hit with a ‘cease and desist’ order. The order was given by North Dakota Insurance Commissioner, Adam Hamm against bondsman Robert Lewis Heier.

San Antonio Fiesta Keeps Bond Companies Busy

River City Bail Bonds are seeing an increase in crime during Fiesta. Although many of the charges are associated with drinking, they are also seeing an increase in assault.

New Website for Sterling Bail Bonds

Sterling Bail Bonds from Ocean County, New Jersey is a full service bail bonds company. They serve clients in the southern portion of New Jersey.

The Quaids Face Bail Bond Issues

Actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi were arrested in Santa Barbara in 2010 for breaking into and damaging their former residence. A case regarding their $500,000 bail bonds was recently reviewed in Santa Barbara.

Cause of High Bonds?

There seem to be some obvious discrepancies in the bail bond industries when it comes to bail amounts. Sometimes those charged with violent crimes end up with bails that are lower than a defendant charged with a non-violent crime.

School District Sues for Bail Bond Money

Wake County school district has filed suit against bail bond insurance companies with the intent of recovering as much as $1 million in bond forfeitures from criminal cases that are pending against bail bondsmen and clerks.

Bail Bond Company Lobbies for Tax Break

In Orlando, a local bail bonds company, Accredited Surety and Casualty Company Inc., is lobbying the Florida legislature to obtain a tax break.

Bargain Bail Bonds Present Risk

The supply and demand model works well at driving competition in most industries but in the bail bonds industry some feel it might put the public at risk.

Bail Bonds Company Tough as Nails and Mom-and-Pop Feel

Bad Boyz Bail Bonds is prepared to display a tough as nails attitude to those who don’t pay their bail bond. They are also mindful of the necessity to have a mom-and-pop atmosphere within their business.

Limits on Bail Bonds Offices To Be Reviewed

The Douglasville City Council is considering a change to the ordinance that speaks to the location of bail bonds offices.

Bail Bonds No Cost Consultation Offered

Bad Boys Bail Bonds from San Francisco offers 24 hours service. They are knowledgeable about the business and clients are often in need of their service when they least expect it. Because of this, the company now offers no cost consultations via a convenient 800 number.

Bonds Company has License Suspended

Affordable Bail Bonds and all of its agents have had their license suspended by the state licensing board. This action was taken due to the failure to pay a forfeiture which was ordered by the Baxter County Circuit Court.

Ohio Supreme Court Hears Cases About Bail Bonds

A couple of cases went before the Ohio Supreme Court at the end of February to address the issue of whether or not county clerks can require cash only payments for those trying to post bail after being accused of a crime.

Surety Bonds Considered Safe and Fair

Some courts in Missouri are using a method of bonding that can present risks to the public at large. They are using ‘released on their own recognizance bonds’ (ROR) which do not have any financial penalty if the accused fails to appear for court dates.

Four Indicted in Bail Bonds Scheme

Four people were indicted on charges involving a bail bonds investigation. Two of those indicted were Wake County clerks. The charges have to do with bail bondsmen neglecting to pay up when their clients skipped bail.

Bail Bondsman has Role in Oscar Nominated Film

One might assume that most movie stars are found in Hollywood. There is, however, an actor who played a part in an Oscar nominated film who lives no where near Hollywood.

Company Now Offering Drug Charge Bail Bonds

All Pro Bail Bonds is now offering drug charge bail bonds in each of their offices throughout California.

Bondsmen Pull Guns on Innocent Men

Ben Caulton, 24 and his two friends Devonte Dixon, 20 and Justin James, 16 were driving on Interstate 94 in Detroit when their car was rear-ended by another car.

Unique Offer from Bail Bonds Company

Empire Bail Bonds is paying close attention to the push to legalize marijuana. This push has grown in the past few years, with some states already making the drug legal.

Changing the Image of Bail Bondsmen

Most people are fortunate enough to never need the services of a bail bondsman. Most of those who do need a bail bondsman are not life long criminals. The idea behind the bail system was set up very early on in this county to insure that people do not spend an inordinate amount...

Bail Bonds Business’ Bright Red Store Front Can’t be Missed

The Evans family, Rulon and Rebecca, made sure that their storefront is easily identified. “No one can miss the bright, red storefront,” says Rulon Evans. “That’s why we picked the color.” They are the owners of A-Affordable Bail Bonds Idaho.

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