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Impact of Technology on the Bail Bonds Business

The bail bonds business has changed in recent years. Unlike the bail bondsmen of movies and television, the typical agent is more likely to be dressed in a suit and tie. Along with the new style of bail bondsmen comes the impact of technology on the business.

Requirements for Bail Bonds Recovery Agents in Washington

In the state of Washington, there are specific training requirements that must be met in order to obtain a bail bonds license or endorsement for a bail bond recovery agent.

Women in the Bail Bonds Business

The bail bonds industry is generally pictured as an ‘old boy’ network. The stereotypical is that these jobs are typically filled by men. There are however, women making their mark in the industry.

Firm Creates Network of Bail Bonds Agents

BWB Bail Bonds, a bail bonds company in Denver has expanded to include the entire state of Colorado in their service area. They are offering an organization that includes qualified bondsmen across Colorado.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Works with Billings Bondsman

Dog the Bounty Hunter has a new show called “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”. The show will air Sunday nights on CMT, starting in September.

Bail Bondsmen Acts as Voice for Clients

Many people have an idea of what the bail bonds industry is like and what bail bondsmen are like as well. Most have an idea that more reflects a character seen on TV and there are in fact many bail bondsmen that live up to that stereotype.

Garza Bail Bonds in Pearland Texas

Garza Bail Bonds is now offering service to the Pearland Texas area. The hope is to better service their customers by reaching this new area.

Bail Bondsman Helps with Veterans' Cemetery

Development of a veterans’ cemetery in Carlsbad, New Mexico is progressing with some support from not only the county and city governments but also from private sector businesses.

Mobile Bail Bonds

Those looking to post bond are generally looking for a quick turn around. OK Bail Bonds in Brazoria has aimed to help their customers with speedy delivery for many years. They have recently added some mobile services that they hope will improve their customer service even further.

Governor Vetoes Bail Bonds Measure

Governor Scott Walker had plans to veto several budget items including one that directly affects bail bondsmen and bounty hunters in the state of Wisconsin. Walker is known to have some of the most extensive veto powers in the United States including the ability to rewrite state...

Tougher Bail for Those in Broward

Broward County, Florida has a new policy regarding bail for burglars. Suspects arrested for burglary charges can no longer post bail until they have first appeared before a judge.

Bail Bonds Basics

If you’re ever in the situation of having a friend or family member arrested, it is good to know some of the basics including the terminology surrounding the process and obtaining bail.

Bail Bonds Company Offers Suggestions for Staying Connected

With Father’s Day having just passed, families all over have just spent the day honoring those important men in their lives. There are times, however, when the simple act of visiting with your father is not possible. This is particularly true when he is incarcerated.

One Bail Bond Company’s Relief Efforts For Tornado Victims

Cowboy Bail Bonds, a Texas company with locations in Dallas, Garland and Irving, has joined in the relief efforts in the wake of the terrible tornado that struck Oklahoma last week.

Why Should Bail Agents Get To Know The Local Legal Community?

Getting up front and personal can help you as a bail bond agent to educate this community about what the bail bond industry really does. Many really don’t understand the benefits of private bail.

Wisconsin Lawmakers: Will They Give Bail Bonding Another Chance?

Wisconsin hasn't had a bail bonds system since 1979, and state leaders for the most part, want to keep it that way. Under such a system, defendants awaiting trial would utilize the services of a bail bondsman for a percentage (10%) of the total cost. There are two powerful opposing...

Are Pretrial Services Successful?

Those who advocate for pretrial release have a singular agenda: the expulsion of commercial bail bond companies.

O.J. Simpson and His Bail Bondsman

This former football player may have been a hero in the past but now he is on a downward spiral from which there is no apparent return.

California Prison Realignment Program and Public Safety

The unspoken message here is that our elected officials prefer using tax dollars rather than financially secure commercial bail bonds. It is an initiative that makes no sense, as budgets couldn’t be any tighter and crime rates are increasing.

Amarillo Bail Bondsman and ICE officials Accused of Misconduct

A lawsuit has been initiated against an Amarillo bail bond agent and others, alleging his collusion with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents (ICE). He is accused of convincing illegal immigrants in ICE custody to pay him. He is also charged with making false promises...

10-Year-Old Montana Boy’s Bail Set at $500,000

Judge Kim Christopher of Lake County, Montana, has refused to lower a $500,000 bail bond set for a 10-year-old St.Ignatius boy. For the boy’s family, the loss is devastating, as the correctional facility is 135 miles away from their home, but it is believed this unusual action...

Maryland Bail Bonds Business Challenges Law Limiting Signage

The large, bright orange sign that reads Bail Bonds Inc. has attracted many customers from the courthouse. Jones moved into the residential office building last December because the new space provided more stability

$340,000 Bail For Two California Sisters

One of the siblings owned a daycare center and the other managed it. Perhaps most disturbing about this news story is the fact that according to court records, this same sister lost her day care license a few years ago for the same allegations.

Maine Hermit Offered Marriage and Bail

The Bangor News reported that he stayed warm by using several sleeping bags, which were elevated off the ground. Everything he owned, with the exception of his glasses, was stolen from other camps in the area.

Overcrowded Chicago Jails: No Commercial Bail Allowed

Cook County Jail is slated to reduce its prisoner population by 1500 because of congestion. Already operating at 98% capacity, its population exceeds 10,000 inmates.

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