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The First Criminal Justice Panel Discussion For The Bail Bond Industry

Human nature dictates that people behave better when their finances are on the line. When bail is secured this translates into showing up for a court date.

It’s Never Too Late to Serve Your Time

Formerly of Rochester, New York, the 68-year-old Rondeau surrendered himself to the US Marshall’s Office in New Orleans and pleaded guilty. He was then brought back to western New York to serve out his sentence

Bail Bonds Woman Always Gets Her Felon

Primarily a bail bondsman, as she feels bail bondwoman sounds a bit off the mark, every day she spent with her father as a child prepared her for the eventual takeover of his company when she grew up.

Should We Bail Out Our Bail System?

Bail has become an integral aspect of the American justice system so much so that its use is assumed rather than specifically selected among other options for pre release.

Bail Bonds Directory Service Connects Users and Companies

The Bail Bonds Company Directory was created to fill a very specific need concerning the fact that in the past all of the bail bonds directory websites on the Internet charged to be listed and therefore did not list all companies.

Bail Bond Company Sends Bounty Hunters To Wrong House

The mother of four was awakened about 1130 pm to the sound of men banging on her door, demanding that she open it. She also told police that the men cut the power to her house and had not identified themselves or told her why there were there.

Prison Realignment Law Hurting California Bondsmen

The law, which was a response to a US Supreme Court mandate to reduce the current prison population by May 24, 2013, was put into effect six months after it was signed in April 2011.

Bail Bondsmen Oppose Pretrial Release Bill

According to the bill, all pretrial releases would be at the discretion of a judge or magistrate and a committee of prosecutors, law enforcement and defense attorneys would advise the court as to standard risk assessment.

California’s Pay To Stay Program A Success

One prison in Glendale has found if not a solution at least a stopgap measure called the “pay to stay” program. According to a spokesperson from the prison, this program alone gleaned more than $96,000 in revenue for the year 2011.

New Online Bail Bond Tracking System

Bail 2 Go is all about helping people and getting closer to the communities they serve so as not to intimidate and disconnect from their needs, particularly those who may never have needed the services of a bail agent before.

Bail Bonds Website Offers Informational Blogs

The company’s aim is to inform the public. The 8th Amendment is a source of much confusion, and explaining its tenets is just one of the services performed by All-Pro Bail Bonds.

Working Bail Bondsman: Meet Marlan Julien

Marlan’s biggest challenge is dealing with those felons for whom he has posted bonds and who have not showed up in court. It is this aspect of the job that makes it dangerous

New Legislation Proposes Regulations For Bounty Hunters

The Bail Enforcement and Licensing Act is almost exclusively the work of Republican State Senator, Ralph Shortey. It proposes licensing and guidelines for those who want to become bounty hunters.

Mom Tries To Sell Her Children For Bail Money

Just when you thought you had heard it all, comes this true tale of motherly non-devotion from Oklahoma where the wind may or may not come sweeping down the plain.

California Bondsman Awaits Judgment

Like something out of a poorly-written television drama, the prosecution accuses Pontillo of handcuffing his clients and threatening them for hours

Stalking Via Text Threats Lands Jail Time for Florida Man

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, the threats were directed to both his ex and the man with whom she is currently living. The texts were explicit and frightening and expressed his desire to physically harm them both.

Pennsylvania Bail Bond Company Defrauded by Couple

Even bail bondsmen who know the ropes and are more exposed to the seamier elements of the human population more than most people can be too trusting and end up with the short end of the stick.

Bail Bonds Company Offers St. Patrick's Day Safety Advice

In Santa Barbara, California, the bars and clubs all offer libation specials that can get one into trouble if imbibed in excess. Some popular specials are green beer, green whiskey and other “themed” adult beverages.

Diamonds: The Perfect Gift Except When Stolen

Some pieces of jewelry had been missing for a few months but the woman originally thought she had misplaced them. When a few more pieces disappeared and two sterling necklaces that weren’t even hers appeared mysteriously in her jewelry box, she realized the matter was much more...

North Carolina, Bail and Topless Legislation

A new bill has been introduced for legislation that is slated to combat the 1970 ruling made by a state court of appeals that ruled breasts couldn’t be considered private parts.

Cell Phones, Jail and Bail Bonds

There is no question that concentration is greatly diminished when drivers, no matter how experienced, physically hold a phone, talk and drive at the same time.

Arizona Law Denies Bail For Illegal Immigrants

The American Civil Liberties Union's Immigrant Rights Project has initiated legal action against the ruling using Proposition 100, also called the Bailable Offenses Act, as their battle cry.

PBUS Winter Bail Conference: Change of Venue and Focus

The event will run through the 27th at the Mirage Hotel and Casino as opposed to previous years where the event was hosted at gangster, Bugsy Siegel’s bullet-riddled lovechild, the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

San Francisco Jail Hosts Valentine's Day Flash Dance

According to the press, both prisoners and staffers alike performed Break The Chain, which is part of the international One Billion Rising campaign, which focuses on addressing the elimination of abuse and victimization of women.

North Carolina Bail Bond Company Extends Helping Hand To Entrepreneurs

By navigating newcomers along the right path to establishing a new and successful bail bond company, it is hoped they will avoid some of the pitfalls. Gaining valuable criminal justice and business management experience is just one of the byproducts of working within this...

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