Bail Bondsman - an Interesting Job

Clark County, Washington’s newspaper features local residents with interesting jobs. Recently they featured locksmith, Jeremy Hubbard of A-Affordable Bail Bonds.

When Hubbard left the military, he initially worked as a bounty hunter. A bond agent liked the way Hubbard worked and let him know about a job opening. Hubbard applied and was hired and he’s never left.

Hubbard says most of his customers are good people who have made a mistake. Over 85 percent of his clients have not needed his services prior to their initial call to him. The part of the job that Hubbard finds most rewarding is the fact that he is able to help people during a difficult time. On the flip side, the job is also stressful, because sometimes the wrong person obtains bail and then does not report for court dates, costing him money.

His philosophy on the business is customer service first and maintaining current and relevant knowledge of the business.



Posted on September 2, 2014 at 10:00 AM