Bail Bondsmen Host Saturday EZ Bail Radio Show

Launched last November and airing eight shows so far, the EZ Bail Radio Show is all about education. It goes beyond informing consumers about the bail process and dares to delve into the role of the bail bondsman within the American criminal justice system.

The hosts of the show are agents Timothy Darren Brown of “A Cut Above Bail Bonds” and Anthony Broadway of Broadway Bail Bonds.

The show airs in Greensboro, North Carolina on RUSH RADIO 94.5. The two agents are there to answer questions that most consumers don’t think about asking until they need a bail bond which is too late to shop around carefully for the best bail company for your particular needs.

In addition to the two hosts, Melissa Seiler, long time North Carolina bail agent and former President of the North Carolina Bail Agents Association is also on the radio team. Supported by the ExpertBail Network, the website allows visitors to listen to past shows. The creators are also open to suggestions for future shows.

Pay a visit when you get a chance. And bring along your questions.
Posted by M Dee Dubroff, on January 25, 2013 at 9:00 AM