Bond Fees Important to Clerk's Office

Carla Woodall, Houston County Alabama Circuit Clerk, says the clerk’s office relies on the collection of bail bond fees.

In 2012, the bail bond fee was approved by the state Legislature. Two types of fees were approved. One is paid by the bail bond companies (or the poster of the bond) and the other type of fee paid by the defendant if they are found guilty or plead guilty.

The income from the fees has allowed the clerk’s office to survive even in the midst of funding issues. In 2013, the bail bond fees brought in almost $50,000. Woodall says they are currently only staffed at 47 percent and that some of the bail bond fees helped keep other jobs from being eliminated.

Last week there were two bonding agents who had a petition of contempt filed against them for not paying their bond fees. One of the companies owed over $11,000. Each of the companies did pay off their debt after the petitions were filed.



Posted on September 18, 2014 at 10:00 AM