Cash Only Bail Set

When Ricky McGee, Jr. was charged with trafficking crack cocaine and failure to appear on charges of breaking and entering the typical court dates were determined and he was ordered to appear for a preconference as is the standard. This is where the routine steps ended.

Usually a bond is filed which requires the defendant to post a percentage in order to obtain his/her freedom until the court dates occur. In this case, McGee had a bond set as “cash in lieu of bail” for the trafficking charge. This means that he must come up with $26,000 in cash in order to obtain his release. He also needs an additional $1,000 in response to the breaking and entering charge.

McGee is also named as a suspect in the murder of Velonta Anderson on June 12th.

McGee was arrested last Wednesday at a residence in Oklahoma City.

Posted on September 16, 2014 at 10:00 AM