Meet The Bond Chix: Jacksonville’s All Female Bail Agency

The illustrious James Bond had his faithful chicks and Jacksonville, North Carolina has its own. The Bond Chix Bail Bonds Company with its pink handcuffs cares about their clients every step of the way as they guide them through the bonding process with just enough tough love to make it work for all concerned parties.

 The all-female bond agency has two locations; one on Court Street in Jacksonville and the other in Beaufort, on Cedar Street. The Jacksonville office is owned by Dave Mayfield and managed by two ladies; Theresa Szczepaniak and JamieLea Owens. Under Mayfield’s guidance the two women have formed an alliance reminiscent of Charlie’s Angels.

The Chix themselves believe they are their own version of the famed fictional trio that graced so many television screens several decades ago. They care about and want to make a difference in the lives of their clients. In the words of Theresa Szczepaniak:

“People have a preconceived notion that people who need to be bonded out are criminals or bad people, but they’re really just people. We’ve been there for every step of the way for some of our clients, even after they no longer need our services, to make sure they’re staying on track….”

The Bond Chix have been doing their thing for about a year and the ladies are available 24/7 every day of the week. They carefully evaluate the character of their potential clients before deciding whether or not to bond them out. They have their own system of reviewing charges, history and reports from family members. The Bond Chix have the underwriting authority to write bonds up to $500,000. For their efforts, they glean a fee of 15%.

The Bond Chix are known for their trademark color, which as you might guess, involves pink. For the Jacksonville office, their color scheme is pink and black with zebra accents. “It’s fun and inviting and it gets them to come back,” says Owens.

Despite their flair, the Bond Chix are much more than two ladies who like pink and write bail bonds. They care about their clients and it shows. They welcome their return after their bonding is behind them and encourage them to visit and share their experiences.

So here’s to the color pink, and more importantly, to the Bond Chix of Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Posted by M Dee Dubroff, on January 23, 2013 at 9:00 AM